Wife of Missing Chinese CEO Interpol Wants to Know If He is Still Alive

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The wife of Meng Hongwei, the “missing” Chinese former chairman of Interpol, has asked the international police organisation whether her husband is still alive.


The former Interpol CEO suddenly disappeared in 2018 after taking a plane from the French city of Lyon, where Interpol’s headquarters are located, to his home country. There was no trace of Meng for several days, but after inquiries from Interpol, the Chinese government confirmed that it had arrested the man for corruption offences.

Grace Meng is now addressing the Interpol General Assembly in a letter. She asks that it instruct the General Secretariat, which is responsible for the day-to-day management of Interpol, to inform her about the efforts that have been made to check whether her husband is still alive.

The 89th General Assembly of the Police Service will take place next week in the Turkish city of Istanbul. Meng hopes with the letter to get her husband’s remarkable arrest on the agenda. “More than three years have passed since the disappearance, and I still have not received any news about my husband,” she said in the letter.

Interpol responded to the request, saying it could not interfere with any country’s legal process. “That would jeopardise the organisation’s principles of neutrality and independence,” a spokesperson said.

Meng was sentenced to 13 years in prison for embezzling approximately 1.86 million euros between 2005 and 2017. However, his wife and two children were granted political asylum in France in 2019.

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