Wider Investigation into Alleged Christmas Parties at Johnson’s Office

Wider Investigation into Alleged Christmas Parties at Johnson’s Office

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s investigation into an alleged Christmas party in his office last year also looks at two other gatherings.


According to a senior government official, it concerns another alleged gathering on Downing Street on November 27, and a meeting at a department of the Ministry of Education on December 10.

News of the Christmas party on December 18 on Downing Street has turned into a scandal in the UK. Images have recently surfaced in which Johnson’s top employees joke about an office Christmas party, which has sparked outrage. Parties were not allowed at that time due to the strict corona measures in force in England.

Adviser Allegra Stratton, ex-spokesperson and a close confidant of Johnson, was featured in the video and resigned on Wednesday. She apologized in an emotional statement, but whether a Christmas drink was actually organized remains unclear.

Johnson also apologized to parliament on Wednesday, saying he has been “repeatedly assured” that no party took place. The investigation must now provide a definitive answer, but the opposition does not want that and is putting pressure on the prime minister. “The Prime Minister has been caught red-handed,” Labor leader Keir Starmer said. “Why doesn’t he end the investigation by just admitting it?”

British police said they would not investigate the incident on Wednesday. But top official Michael Ellis of the Prime Minister’s ‘Cabinet Office’ said that the police may still be called in on Thursday. “If any evidence of conduct that may constitute a criminal offence emerges during the investigation, the matter will be referred to the police,” Ellis said.

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