Why the British Electoral System Makes the Elections in the United Kingdom So Exciting

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The British are going to the polls today. They will be (again) elections that will depend on a great deal: they will determine what will happen next year at the Brexit level.


The specific British electoral system, which is very different from ours, makes these elections unpredictable. And exciting.

The British parliament consists of two rooms (two houses). There is the House of Lords, and there is the House of Commons.

They both meet in the immense building complex on the banks of the Thames in Westminster, the Houses of Parliament.

Physically they are also clearly separated: when you face the building, you will see the Victoria Tower on the right. It is part of the Hogerhuis.

In the middle of the building, the St Stephen’s Entrance offers access to both houses. On the left is the House of Commons, which extends to the Elizabeth Tower, the tower in which the famous Big Ben hangs.

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