Why is Cyber Essentials Important for Businesses?

Why is Cyber Essentials Important for Businesses?

The cybercrimes have been on the rise since the past decade, but despite the rise, the businesses continue to take their cybersecurity for granted. They are neither working to make the network strong nor are they implementing the rightful layers needed to bring an enhanced sense of security for their customers.

In the light of such an alarming situation, the UK government decided to make cybersecurity an essential for all businesses and organisations that were operating in the country. To prevent further breaches of security, the government then took it upon itself to investigate the cause of the issue.

Some of the major concerns that were highlighted as a result were sued to come up with this new cybersecurity essentials to ensure better security.

This included:
• Control of access
• Protection from malware
• Better management of patches
• Secure configuration
• Internet gateways and boundary firewalls


Why does your business need cyber essentials?
The scheme is not just a certificate but a mirror to the kind of protection you have been providing to your network and customers over the years. It helps you assess your security levels and make rightful measures as a result of it.

Cyber Essential schemes have been vouched over by some of the most prominent people in the industry today and are agreeably one of the first steps that can help you secure the cyber network.

The UK Information Commissioner, Elizabeth Denham in her speech in January 2017, stressed how the government was all in to help the small businesses understand the importance of enhanced cybersecurity.

The IT industry would help them prepare for cyber threats, and Cyber essentials were the first step they needed to take to do so. It is also something that would help prepare them for the GDPR while securing their data and the network in the meanwhile.

Owing to the rising threats of cybersecurity breaches, getting the business the cyber essentials certification is not a choice anymore but rather a compulsion. To stress the importance of cybersecurity and the sensitive data the companies deal with, it has been made compulsory by the UK government to acquire this certificate.

It will bring the customers more satisfaction knowing that they are dealing with a company which cares for the security of their personal information.

Cyber essentials along with IASME is working to create awareness in organizations to prevent breaches of cyber networks. This scheme, regardless of the size of business you have, delivers you value and credibility.

It has been researched that by simply getting this certification, companies can lower the security threats they face by almost 80% which is commendable.

So, what are you waiting for? Cyber essentials are not just about any single business anymore. It is there to help protect the network that you work with along with the information of every single person who is associated with your business.

So, be responsible enough and take the right decision today by getting yourself acquitted with cybersecurity essentials.

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