Who Owns Mount Everest? Twitter War Between Nepalese David and Chinese Goliath

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A media war broke out between the small and poor country of Nepal and China, with the highest mountain in the world as its aim.


The Nepalese do not accept that the Chinese state channel has claimed Mount Everest in a tweet. The mountain is said to be on the border and is very important for tourism, but also propagandistically.

The chaos broke out on May 2 when the Chinese state broadcaster CGTN (China Global Television Network) published a tweet with beautiful photos of Mount Everest.

That tweet has since been adjusted as you can see on the left page below. People in Beijing are somewhat shocked at the furious reactions in Nepal and India.

What is the problem: the original text stated that Everest is “in the Chinese Autonomous Region of Tibet” when in fact it is on the border with Nepal.

Immediately an angry Twitter storm arose under #backoffchina of dishonoured Nepalese, who not only think that the mountain is on the border, but also completely in Nepal.

Quite a few Indian twitterers – always ready to stew China a pear in the Himalayas – jumped en masse on the Nepalese cart and forgot that India and Nepal also have some border disputes, but that does not matter now and the adjustment by China is “too little too late”, the damage has been done.

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