WHO Looks At Biosecurity in Other Countries After Danish Infections

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The World Health Organization (WHO) will investigate biosecurity in countries with mink farms after people in Denmark have been infected with a mutated corona variant of mink.


The government there has ordered a nationwide culling of the animals.

Maria van Kerkhove, WHO’s the technical leader for Covid-19, told a press conference in Geneva that the transmission of the virus between animals and humans is “a concern”. The risk is much lower in animals other than mink, said another WHO expert.

“We work together with regional offices where mink farms are located, and look at biosafety there to prevent infections from animals to humans,” says Van Kerkhove.

In Denmark, at least 214 people have been infected with a variant of the coronavirus that initially occurred in minks since June. Two hundred of the cases were discovered in the North Jutland region. There are a large number of mink farms there.

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