What is A Good Cheap Car Insurance Company?

What is A Good Cheap Car Insurance Company?

The top-rated, cheaper car insurance brands in the UK include LV=, 1st Central, Churchill, Hastings, Swinton, Bell and Admiral, according to NimbleFins. In addition to cheap quotes, good cheap car insurance companies offer a strong combination of positive customer ratings and reviews (e.g., Trustpilot) as well as features and product quality (e.g., Defaqto rating and Fairer Finance score).

Buying car insurance is about more than just securing the lowest premium – a good policy should have the features you need, and customer service is also an important factor too, especially when it comes to claims.

What are some cheap car insurance companies?

Cheaper car insurance companies include LV=, 1st Central, Churchill, Hastings, Swinton, Bell, Admiral, Elephant, QuoteMeHappy, Diamond, General Accident and more. But prices among these providers can be quite variable, and you might find a different provider altogether that can offer you a cheaper premium than any of these brands.

Keep in mind that some brands might have more than one car insurance product, with cheaper policies offering fewer features. More premium plans can offer a wider set of coverages, but these may come at a higher cost. Or optional add-ons can really raise a premium. With all that in mind, even a cheap car insurance company might have some pricier options.

Who is the cheapest car insurance?

There is no one cheapest car insurance company for all situations. Each car insurance company has a model which determines pricing based on the details of an application. These pricing models will judge risks differently, so finding the cheapest car insurance really means finding the car insurance company that has the most favourable view of your application and the risks you present.

A company that is cheapest for one person might not be the cheapest for another person.

To find the cheapest car insurance for you and your vehicle, you’ll need to compare prices across a broad selection of the market. This can be made easier by using a comparison site, which allows you to enter your details once and gives you prices for potentially dozens of brands.

When you do this, you’ll see how much prices can vary from one provider to the next. In some cases, you’ll see that the most expensive car insurance offers can be 4-5X more than the cheapest car insurance quotes.

You might want to check more than one comparison site, as their panels are not all the same. In addition, you might also want to check some providers that are not in comparison site panels, such as Direct Line, Aviva and Zurich.

How to choose a cheap car insurance company?

When choosing a cheap car insurance company, there are other factors to consider and price, such as customer service and the features offered. You can check other customers’ customer service experiences by looking at customer ratings on sites like Trustpilot or Reviews.io. You can get an idea of various aspects of the customer journey, from how competitive prices are to the ease of buying to the experience of making changes to a policy or making a claim.

Unfortunately, there are usually more reviews related to the buying process than the claims process, but browsing through them can still be useful. Just keep that in mind – if most of the reviews discuss the ease of the buying process, you won’t learn much about the claims experience. And that’s what motorists typically care about the most.

When choosing a cheap car insurance company, you should also thoroughly check the features on offer. Cheaper policies might lack features such as a courtesy car while yours is in for repairs following an accident, for example. Or cheaper policies might not include breakdown cover, while premium plans might.

Keep in mind that cheaper policies might offer additional features as add-ons for an extra premium. In some cases, it can be more expensive to add on these extra features to a cheaper, basic, bare-bones policy than it would cost to buy a more comprehensive, premium policy that has these features included in the price already. So be sure to check that before you add on extra features. Also, make sure you really want and need an extra feature before adding it, especially if paying a low premium is a priority for you.

Also, take note of how policyholders communicate with customer service. Some cheaper car insurance brands like QuoteMeHappy or General Accident (both by Aviva) are online only, meaning they don’t have customer service phone lines. If you have a problem, you cannot call in to fix the situation, and you must contact them via social channels or email. By saving on a call centre, these brands can offer lower car insurance rates, but this won’t suit everyone. If you would be frustrated by a company without a call centre, then be sure to check if a provider you’re considering is online only.


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