What Insurance Does A Sports Massage Therapist Need

What Insurance Does A Sports Massage Therapist Need

A sports massage therapist spends much of their time working on aching limbs, improving range of motion in specific joints and eliminating any muscle knots on clients. The aim, of course, is to remove discomfort, promote relaxation and ultimately maximise how well clients can perform in their chosen sport.

While much attention will naturally be on giving treatments to clients, it’s critical also to consider the reality of running a business. Business insurance is needed to protect against legal action brought by a client, for example. Or to protect against the financial strain if a business is unable to operate due to injury to the business owner or an employee or theft or damage of critical equipment.

A self-employed sports massage therapist or someone owning a business that provides sports massages will need to arrange insurance cover across various sections of their business. Here are some of the main aspects that to consider when looking at insurance policies.

How Much Is Insurance For A Sports Massage Therapist?

The cost of sports massage therapy insurance is specific to each individual business, but a package of coverage can be found starting from around £125 a year. That said, insurance policies usually only cost a small amount for what can potentially offer millions of pounds worth of cover.

As an example, the average cost of public liability insurance for a massage therapy business is just £45 per year. For most businesses, that is essentially the same as the cost of a single treatment for an entire year’s worth of cover. Of course, other types of coverage are also needed, such as treatment cover and potentially employers’ liability insurance, which are discussed below.

Factors an insurer will consider when calculating a quote include: 

  • The types of treatments performed (some may be considered more high risk than others)
  • The qualifications held
  • How long a therapist has been practising for
  • Whether work occurs in a set location or the therapist operates as a mobile sports massage therapist
  • The value of the business
  • Whether self-employed or the business employ others
  • The value of equipment, including company vehicle (if applicable)

To receive an accurate quote quickly, have the above details to hand before making an application.

Do You Need A Licence And Insurance To Do Sports Massage?

While there is no specific license to carry out sports massage treatments, any person providing massage therapy should have a recognised qualification, such as a Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage. Some physiotherapists who have a licence to practice may also offer sports massage.

Having both the right qualifications along with insurance to carry out treatments is important for several reasons. First and foremost, it is a legal requirement, especially if offering any treatment in the capacity of a professional or others are employed. Qualifications also offer peace of mind for clients, as if they are suffering from any kind of pain or injury, they will want assurance that they are in capable hands.

Insurance itself is there to help protect a business against financial ruin in case of a disaster.

Consider how else to cover the costs of a client suing for malpractice or even a member of the public taking action for having an injury on the premises. How a therapist could be liable are seemingly endless, so taking out insurance makes excellent sense.

The types of insurance to look out for as a massage therapist includes:

  • Public liability insurance
  • Treatment insurance
  • Employer’s liability insurance
  • Tools or equipment insurance
  • Personal accident insurance
  • Vehicle insurance (mobile therapists)
  • Cyber insurance

Why Do Sports Massage Therapists Need Insurance?

All businesses need insurance to cover them in the event their services inflict injury to others to damage other people’s property. In addition, a business may face unforeseen costs due to loss of income if an injury prevents a therapist from working or if any property is stolen or damaged.

When thinking about what is involved in sports massage and all the aspects that facilitate being able to run a business, there is potentially a lot that can go wrong.

In terms of treatments, a therapist could perform a sports massage that worsens their client’s symptoms or even causes serious injury. While this would never be the intention, there is no guarantee that things will go to plan even with a thorough consultation. After all, some injuries may be a lot more serious than they initially appear. In which case, public liability insurance or, better still, treatment insurance can provide cover should a therapist make things worse or create an entirely new injury.

To Sum Up

Ensuring a sports massage therapist is successful goes way beyond performing treatments to the best of one’s ability. The reality of running a business, particularly when working directly on the public, is that cover is required to protect if legal action is taken against the business. In addition, coverage is needed to protect the ability to run a business, should any other aspect disrupt services, such as injury or damage to equipment.

With so many bases to cover, not insuring a sports massage therapy business leaves one incredibly vulnerable to financial ruin. The good news is that taking out an insurance policy is very straightforward, and for a small price, can offer a generous payout if a claim is made.

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