Von der Leyen: 4.1 Percent of EU Citizens Fully Vaccinated

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A total of 62 million EU citizens have had a Covid-19 shot so far. Of them, 18 million people have also been vaccinated a second time, as directed.


That is 4.1 percent of the adult population in the European Union, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced at the summit of the 27 EU leaders.

According to the German, since December 1, the EU has exported 77 million doses of the coveted drugs against Covid-19 to 33 different countries.

Until the end of this week, the EU itself has received 88 million doses from the pharmaceutical companies with whom the commission negotiated purchase contracts on behalf of the member states.

Von der Leyen is counting on the counter to reach 100 million before the end of March.

For the second quarter, Brussels is counting on the delivery of 360 million committed doses. This includes 55 million doses of the Janssen vaccine, of which only one injection is required. In total, that’s enough for more than 200 million EU citizens.

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