Vladimir Putin Sends Constitutional Reforms to Russian Parliament

Vladimir Putin Sends Constitutional Reforms to Russian Parliament

Russian President Vladimir Putin has submitted proposals on Monday to limit the power of the president in the future. This is a package of previously announced constitutional reforms, which is expected to be adopted quickly in the Russian parliament.


For example, Putin wants the president of Russia to be able to serve two terms in total. First, the president was able to return to the office several times.

Putin himself is now in his fourth term, something that was possible because he also acted as prime minister in between. His successor will not have this option. The President of Russia must also have lived permanently in the country for at least 25 years.

Furthermore, Putin wants the State Council to be given more power and to monitor the activities of various government bodies strictly. This council already exists, but does not have much influence.

Putin also wants the Russian parliament to be given more power in the future. For example, in the future, the parliament must approve candidates for various ministerial posts and the prime minister. The appointment of the new ministers remains a role for the president.

On Wednesday, Putin already proposed a referendum on the changes. “I think it is necessary to get the citizens of the country to vote on a whole package of proposed changes to the country’s constitution,” he said then. It is unclear when that referendum will be held.

Putin’s current presidential term ends in 2024. Observers suggest that he is considering various options to remain at the helm in a certain way after his retirement.

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