US Senate Agreement on $ 2 Trillion Aid Package

US Senate Agreement on $ 2 Trillion Aid Package

The United States government has reached an agreement with the Senate on a support package of approximately $ 2 trillion to help the country and the economy with the consequences of the coronavirus outbreak.


The deal was reached after hours of negotiations between Senate Democrat leader Chuck Schumer and Finance Minister Steven Mnuchin.

The Senate will vote on the deal on Wednesday. The package must also go through the House of Representatives before it ends up on the desk of President Donald Trump.

Nancy Pelosi, the President of the House of Representatives, was asked for advice during the negotiations. Democrats blocked an earlier version of the stimulus package on Monday.

Details on the incentive package have not yet been released. It is expected to include, among other things, $ 500 billion to help the hard-hit sectors and a similar amount to support millions of American families with $ 3,000 in direct cash.

There will also be 350 billion for loans to small businesses and 250 billion for helping people who have become unemployed. Also, 75 billion goes to hospitals.

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