US and NATO Response to Russia Leaked in El Pais Newspaper

US and NATO Response to Russia Leaked in El Pais Newspaper

Most Russian proposals to ease tensions over Ukraine are not acceptable to the United States and NATO. That had been clear for some time, but it is also apparent on Wednesday from the answers that Washington and Brussels provided to Moscow, and the Spanish newspaper El Pais published on its site.


The replies also show that Western allies remain open to concrete negotiations with the Russians and new agreements.

If Moscow makes corresponding commitments, the United States is willing to exclude a permanent deployment of combat troops and a missile system in Ukraine.

In recent weeks, the US and NATO have repeatedly reiterated their appeal to Russia to stop the current troop deployment on the border with Ukraine. For the West, this is a precondition for successful negotiations. This is essential for real progress, according to NATO.

Russia is said to have posted more than 100,000 soldiers on the border with Ukraine. As a result, there have been fears for weeks of a Russian invasion of the country, which Moscow denies. But at the same time, it is also considered possible that it is just a matter of fueling fear to get NATO member states to make commitments in exchange for new security guarantees. Moscow has long wanted to convince NATO not to expand eastward any longer and certainly not to allow Ukraine to join the treaty organization.

NATO sources confirmed that the documents on the El Pais site are authentic.

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