US and EU Accuse China of Cyber-Attacks Over Microsoft Exchange Server Leak

US and EU Accuse China of Cyber-Attacks Over Microsoft Exchange Server Leak

The United States and the European Union accuse Beijing of cyber-attacks and of extorting companies through ransomware. This is apparent from a statement from the European Union and is also stated by a high-ranking American official.


By March, thanks to a hole in Microsoft’s Exchange Server e-mail platform, hackers had attacked about 30,000 organizations in the United States. There were even hundreds of thousands of organizations worldwide. Banks, telecom providers, the police, utilities, hospitals and local governments were among those affected.

Immediately after the attack, China was already being looked at. Now the US and EU say they can formally attribute the attack to perpetrators linked to the Chinese government.

“We also uncovered malicious cyber activities with significant repercussions, targeting government institutions and political organizations in the EU and EU Member States, as well as key European industries,” said Josep Borrell, the High Representative for European Foreign Policy, in a statement.

Washington will condemn this and a range of other “malicious” cyber activities by Beijing, the US official says. Evidence will be presented to show that the Chinese Ministry of Security is using hackers to conduct unpunished cyber operations worldwide.

In doing so, ‘fifty of their tactics, techniques and procedures’ will be described in detail. In addition to the US and the EU, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and NATO will also formally condemn it.

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