Unknown What Prisoner Suu Kyi Knows About Myanmar’s Situation

Unknown What Prisoner Suu Kyi Knows About Myanmar’s Situation

It is unknown whether the deposed Head of Government Aung San Suu Kyi and President Win Myint are aware of the current situation in Myanmar.


Their lawyer said after a new hearing in their criminal case that she was unable to inform the imprisoned politicians.

The politicians were imprisoned two months ago at the start of the controversial army coup d’├ętat. They have since been held in an unknown location. Their lawyer Min Min Soe says she is not allowed to meet her clients in person. They appear to be in good health, said the lawyer, who only saw her clients via video connection.

There was another hearing on Thursday in the pair’s trial, which will resume on April 12. The Nobel Prize winner is now also being prosecuted for violating a colonial-era law that criminalizes sharing government information. She had already been charged with, among other things, violating the corona measures and the illegal import of walkie-talkies. Also, there are allegations of corruption.

Protests have been held daily since the coup. Inhabitants of the country are demanding the return of democracy, but their demonstrations are being suppressed with great violence. At least 530 people have been killed by the junta, according to a Myanmar human rights organization monitoring the protests. More than 2,700 people are also said to have been arrested.

Sources at telecom companies said on Thursday that the internet would be further restricted. Mobile internet had already been shut down before, and now wireless internet would also follow.

The government, ousted by the army, is accused by the coup plotters of fraud in the parliamentary elections at the end of last year. The coup is criticized by many countries and has led to sanctions from the United States and the European Union.

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