United Kingdom: We Hope for A Brexit Deal in the Coming Days

United Kingdom: We Hope for A Brexit Deal in the Coming Days

The United Kingdom hopes to be able to conclude a Brexit deal with the European Union one of these days. So said Robert Jenrick, the British Housing Minister in Boris Johnson’s cabinet.


“Although it is short notice, we hope that both sides can reach an agreement one of these days and that the European Union can show some more flexibility,” Jenrick told BBC radio on Thursday.

The British Treasury Secretary Rishi Sunak also expressed his hopes for an early Brexit deal. According to Sunak, talks have “intensified,” a deal is imminent.

“Both sides have to be constructive, and they do, and I know there are people who are working very hard on it,” he told British news channel Sky. According to Sunak, the deal requires “goodwill” and cooperation.

The trade talks between the UK and the EU have been going on for months. An informal deadline has been set this weekend, but it is expected that further negotiations will continue after the weekend. Sources already mentioned talks after the weekend in Brussels.

A swift agreement is needed if both sides are to have sufficient time to obtain the necessary approvals before the UK leaves the internal European market definitively on 31 December.

Last weekend, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen said there are still differences that need to be bridged. For example, there are still disputes about access to British fishing waters and a level playing field for businesses.

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