Unilever Stops Advertising Targeting Children Under 16

Unilever Stops Advertising Targeting Children Under 16

Food group Unilever, which has the brands Ben & Jerry’s, Magnum and Zwan in its portfolio, will stop advertising aimed at young people under the age of sixteen.


The company says it wants to help parents make healthier choices for their children.

It concerns both advertising messages via traditional media, and via social media, it sounds. Unilever also promises that it will not collect and store data from under-16s and that it will not use influencers or celebrities who are popular with that age group.

At the latest, all of the group’s food brands must apply the new principles by early next year.

For more than a decade, the food industry has adhered to the self-regulatory principle of not targeting food and beverage advertising to children up to thirteen.

According to the company, Unilever is now extending that age limit to sixteen because that is an age at which children increasingly come into contact with social media and the phenomenon of influencers.

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