UN: Human Rights Violated Tens of Thousands of Belarusians

UN: Human Rights Violated Tens of Thousands of Belarusians

In Belarus, at least 37,000 people have been detained in a year around the controversial 2020 elections. That is stated in a report made public by the UN human rights organization on Wednesday.


The human rights of tens of thousands in the country are said to have been violated.

At the beginning of March, 1,084 people were detained on politically motivated charges. In addition, opponents of the government, journalists, lawyers, and civil society representatives are being harassed. The report said that actions against opponents involve masked men who wear no uniforms, spreading a climate of fear and lawlessness.

“Information gathered during the investigation indicates that torture and ill-treatment are widespread and systematic, targeting individuals for their real or perceived opposition to the government or the election results,” the UN said.

Around the August 2020 elections, there were massive protests against pro-Russian President Alexandr Lukashenko. He has declared himself the winner of the elections, but many organizations accuse him of electoral fraud. Exiled opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya claims to be the real winner.

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