Ukraine Wants to Placate Russian Soldiers With New Life

Ukraine Wants to Placate Russian Soldiers With New Life

Ukraine has proposed a special program for Russian soldiers who surrender. Soldiers who lay down their arms should be rewarded with a “new life,” according to Foreign Minister Dmitro Koeleba.

The minister says he is convinced that such a scheme would have added value to his country. “If even one Russian soldier lays down their arms and decides to leave, it means that Ukrainian lives are spared and that we have taken a step towards peace,” Koeleba told Reuters news agency. However, he did not detail where regretful Russian options should be housed.

President Volodimir Zelensky had already called on Russian troops to flee for their lives this week. This happened after a new Ukrainian offensive started in the south of his country. The British Ministry of Defense, which provides daily updates on the conflict, reported on Wednesday that the Russians had been pushed back in some places. As a result, the department expects Russia to throw reserves there.

Ukraine, meanwhile, hopes that the EU will decide to ban Russian tourists. Some European countries are pushing for such an entry ban, but there is much debate about how drastic such a measure should be. Russia has already threatened countermeasures if the EU makes it more difficult for Russian travelers.

Minister Koeleba said ahead of a meeting with EU ministers that a complete tourist freeze would be an appropriate response “to the genocide war of aggression that Russia is waging in the heart of Europe.” The invasion is supported by an “overwhelming majority of Russian citizens,” he said.

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