Ukraine Partially Pushes Back Russian Black Sea Fleet

Ukraine Partially Pushes Back Russian Black Sea Fleet

The Ukrainian army claims to have pushed the Russian fleet in the Black Sea to 100 kilometres from the coastline. The Ministry of Defense writes on Telegram that the Russians no longer control the entire northwestern part of the sea.


Neither side would control the area dubbed a “grey zone”. Moscow has not yet responded and the information has not yet been independently confirmed.

According to the Ukrainian ministry, the Russians have deployed their missile systems in the Kherson region and Crimea to defend the coast against Ukrainian attacks. They would also have sent reinforcements to the strategically located Snake Island.

The Russian fleet has been blocking Ukrainian ships in the Black Sea for weeks, including for the transport of civilians and trade. Because Ukraine is a major exporter of grain, there is a global food crisis looming. Despite the advance of the Ukrainians, the blockades have not been lifted. Also, the Russian ships can still fire missiles toward land.

At the end of May, Denmark pledged to provide powerful anti-ship missiles to better defend the coast. Earlier, the Russians already lost ships, such as the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet, the Moskva.

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