Turkey Dismisses 18,000 Civil Servants

Turkey Dismisses 18,000 Civil Servants

Turkey dismisses more than 18,000 civil servants, including police officers, soldiers and academics. That is stated in a decree published today. The superfluities come on the eve of the expected lifting of the two-year state of emergency, says The Greater.


The dismissed civil servants are accused of having links with terrorist organisations or with groups that act “against national security”.

Half of the number of dismissals concerns police officers. Furthermore, 199 academics and 5,000 soldiers lose their jobs. The decree follows the election victory of President Tayyip Erdogan last month and one day before taking the oath for a presidency with more power than before.

Erdogan has promised not to extend the state of emergency after it expires on July 18th. This was announced shortly after the failed coup in 2016. As a result, certain liberties can be curtailed, and the government can issue decrees that do not require parliamentary approval.

Since the failed coup, about 160,000 people have been jailed, and nearly the same number of civil servants have been fired, the United Nations Human Rights Agency reported in March of this year.

Turkey says the measures are necessary to counter threats to national security. Critics of President Erdogan accuse him of using the failed coup as a pretext to suppress dissenting opinions.

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