Trumps Country Retreat wants to Hire Another 61 Foreign Workers

Trumps Country Retreat wants to Hire Another 61 Foreign Workers

Mar-a-Lago, the Donald Trump home in Palm Beach, Florida, is looking for staff. Despite the “America First” vision of Donald Trump and his controversial immigration policy, the Trump Organization is again looking for foreign employees to fill in the 61 vacancies.


From documents published by the US Department of Labor on Thursday, it appears that the club requires permission from the government to hire 41 waiters and 21 cooks under the H-2B visa program, which allows companies to temporarily employ foreign workers if they find insufficiently qualified personnel in the US.

The new employees would join and stay on 1 October 2018 until 31 May 2019, according to Press Cube.

The decision of the Trump Organization to hire more foreign workers comes just when the US government is debating vigorously about the immigration policy of the current government.

Last year, the US Department of Homeland Security increased the maximum number of employees with an H-2B visa. That seems to go against Trumps’ economic policy that says’ America First ‘, but finding local workers can be’ very, very difficult ‘in Florida during the busy winter months, as Donald Trump told ABC News in 2016.

However, documents from the US Department of Labor show that other companies from Trump’s business empire in Charlottesville, Virginia and Westchester County, New York also applied earlier this year to accept dozens of workers with an H-2B visa.

Since the summer of 2015, Trump companies have already attracted more than 400 foreign workers. 264 of them went to work at Mar-a-Lago.

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