Trump: We are Finally Settling the Longest US War

Trump: We are Finally Settling the Longest US War

US President Trump has welcomed the signing of the basic agreement between the US and the Afghan Taliban on the road to a peace settlement as “the beginning of the end of America’s longest war”.


In Qatar, the agreement was signed on Saturday after some nineteen years of bloody struggle.

If the parties comply with the agreements, foreign troops may be able to withdraw within a year, and a half and peace arrangements will be established between the warring parties in Afghanistan.

Trump, who has little interest in foreign military interventions, is delighted with this possible success in foreign policy. “We are finally working to stop the longest US war and bring our troops back home.”

The US attacked the Taliban terror in 2001 and overthrew it, but the Taliban are trying to regain power. They mainly consist of Sunni extremists from the Pathans tribe, who make up almost half of the Afghan population.

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