Trump Tries To Block Summons For Viewing

Trump Tries To Block Summons For Viewing

Trump Tries to block Summons for viewing Financial Information. The attorneys of US President Donald Trump tried Monday to stop the summons for access to his finances and corporate finances.


According to them, the warrant is “not valid and cannot be enforced because it has no legal purpose”.

The Democratic chairman of the inquiry committee of the American lower house Elijah Cummings is the initiator of the summons.

He asked Trumps for financial documents from eight years.

The former lawyer of the president had declared that Trump had intensified his possession.

The White House has not yet responded to the lawyers’ actions.

The investigation committee also did not meet.

Trump himself reacted on Twitter that the summons is the numerous attempt by the Democrats to remove him.

“Only committing crimes can lead to deposition.

I have not committed any crimes, so I cannot be deposed,” said the president.

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