Trump Requests that Israel Refuse Access to US Congresswomen Ilhan and Rashida

Trump Requests that Israel Refuse Access to US Congresswomen Ilhan and Rashida

In a tweet, US President Donald Trump asked Israel not to let two US Congressmen in. Rashida Tlaib – of Palestinian descent – and Ilhan Omar – soaked in Somalia – are very critical of Israel and would soon like to visit East Jerusalem and the West Bank.


According to the American president, it would be “a sign of weakness” if Israel let those two women in. According to him, those women hate “Israel and the Jewish people”.

Omar and Tlaib would soon be guests at the Palestinian Authority in Jerusalem and the West Bank. That will be difficult because to get there, and one must first go through the Israeli border controls, whether at the airport at Lod or the border with Jordan.

The Israeli Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs recently confirmed that the two women would not be admitted. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has approved that. According to them, the visit of Omar and Tlaib was intended “to harm Israel”.

He does want to make an exception: if Rashida Tlaib submits a request to visit her family in the Palestinian territories on humanitarian grounds, we will consider that, Netanyahu said.

It is highly unusual for an American president to ask another country to refuse his members of parliament. Omar, once a refugee from Somalia, and Tlaib, an American of Palestinian descent, are generally very critical of the policies of the Israeli government.

They are part of “the squad”, four young female Congressmen who have previously generated Trump’s anger.

The other faces of that foursome are Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with “roots” in Puerto Rico and the black Congressman Aryanna Pressley.

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