Trump Kept in Touch with Dictator Kim Jong-un

Trump Kept in Touch with Dictator Kim Jong-un

Donald Trump claims he kept in touch with dictator Kim Jong-un after his presidency. That’s according to a new book by journalist Maggie Haberman, The Confidence Man.


Trump is said to have told acquaintances after his departure from the White House that Kim is the only foreign leader he is still in contact with.

Haberman said Trump was “fixed” on his relationship with North Korea’s leader Kim. That penniless dictatorship regularly caused international unrest by testing missiles and conducting nuclear tests. Trump wanted North Korea to end its nuclear weapons program and also met Kim personally. However, that did not lead to a breakthrough, and North Korea later increased its missile tests.

Trump had praised Kim lavishly during his presidency. He said he received “beautiful letters” from the dictator. “We fell in love,” Trump said at the time. However, it would be remarkable if he is still in touch with Kim, as the relationship between Washington and Pyongyang is very tense.

Journalist Haberman admitted to CNN that it is unclear how seriously Trump’s statements should be taken. “What he says and what actually happens don’t always match,” said the New York Times reporter. “But he has been telling people that he has been keeping some kind of correspondence or conversation with Kim Jong-un going.”

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