Trump Does Not Want to Extend the Deadline for TiTtok Takeover

Trump Does Not Want to Extend the Deadline for TiTtok Takeover

US President Trump does not want to extend the deadline for the sale of the social media app TikTok. Trump wants to ban the popular Chinese app from Tuesday, September 15, if the American branch has not been sold by then.


Chinese owner ByteDance is unlikely to meet that deadline. According to Trump, the app poses a threat to the national security of his country.

“The company is being closed or sold,” US President Trump told journalists whether he wants to extend the deadline for TikTok or not.

Trump gave the Chinese company ByteDance until Tuesday, September 15, to sell the US arm of the popular video app. If that doesn’t work, he wants to ban TikTok.

The American news agency Bloomberg reported that parent company ByteDance “probably” will not meet that deadline. The company cites new Chinese legislation on the export of artificial intelligence technology, which has delayed negotiations on a sale.

Trump considers TikTok a threat to his country’s national security. Via TikTok, the data of millions of American users could quickly end up in the hands of the Chinese government, it sounds.

Software giant Microsoft is a candidate to take over the American branch of TikTok, but Oracle is also said to have made an offer. The sale would bring in $ 20 to $ 30 billion.

It is not yet clear what the consequences could be for TikTok users with us.

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