Trump Again Criticises The American Central Bank’s

Trump Again Criticises The American Central Bank’s

Trump again criticises the American Central Bank’s monetary policy. US President Donald Trump has again criticised the Federal Reserve, the American system of central banks.

He again argued for the relaxation of the central bank’s monetary policy.

The president told White House journalists that the Fed should focus on quantitative easing,

rather than the current fair policy of the central bank system.

In the past, he accused several times about the interest rate increases by the umbrella of American central banks,

which is led by himself appointed Jerome Powell.

Since December, the central bank has not increased interest rates.

The central bank system also declared an end of March that it would continue to pursue a “patient” policy,

without increasing the main interest rate in 2019.

Currently, the interest rate band is between 2.25 and 2.50 percent.

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