Toshiba PC Division Wholly Owned by Sharp

Toshiba PC Division Wholly Owned by Sharp

Toshiba sells its last shares in Dynabook to Sharp. With the transactions, Sharp will take full control of Toshiba’s former PC division.


Sharp acquired Toshiba Client Solutions in 2018 for $ 36 million. The company thus received more than 80.1 percent of the shares, while 19.9 percent of the shares remained in the hands of Sharp.

The acquisition stipulated that Sharp was given up to two years to acquire all shares in Toshiba Client Solutions from Toshiba. This has now been completed.

Toshiba Client Solutions has been renamed Dynabook since the acquisition. The company supplies laptops for the business market. Toshiba has wholly said goodbye to the business laptop market with the sale of the last shares.

Toshiba launched the first commercial laptop in 1985 and was a prominent name in the PC landscape throughout the 1990s. But in the last ten years, the company has been unable to break into the market.

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