Top Woman Shell: Criticism About Influencing Politics Is Total Nonsense

Top Woman Shell: Criticism About Influencing Politics Is Total Nonsense

Top woman Shell: Criticism about Influencing Politics is total Nonsense. The idea that Shell is pulling “invisible strings” to influence politics is not correct, according to director Marjan van Loon of Shell Nederland.


“That is incorrect, but it is simply being said. It concerns to politicians,” says Van Loon in an interview with De Telegraaf.

The top woman of Shell Nederland replies, among other things, to the commotion about the settlement agreement on dividend tax that the company ended with the tax authorities.

Due to this ruling from 2004, British shareholders do not have to pay dividend tax after the merger with the Dutch part of Shell.

This merger was unlikely without guidance because shareholders would not accept the dividend tax that was 25 percent in the Netherlands at that time.

A great commotion arose in the House of Representatives about this agreement with the tax authorities. GroenLinks leader Jesse Klaver made a connection with the intention to entirely abolish this tax.

He spoke of a ” smell of nepotism ” and pleaded for a parliamentary inquiry.

Van Loon reacts well to this. “I speak here as a citizen of the Netherlands: I can still hope that we will not conduct a parliamentary inquiry for every piece of madness.”

She mentions Klaver and others’ criticism of the settlement agreement that Shell concluded with the tax authorities’ ‘total nonsense’ ‘. “This is all just in our annual reports.”

Moreover, thanks to the agreement with the Tax Authorities Shell’s head office in the Netherlands, the director states. According to her, that delivers a lot for the economy.

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