Tighter Corona Measures in Paris and London

Tighter Corona Measures in Paris and London

In two European world cities, stricter corona measures apply from Saturday. Friday night is the last night out for millions of Paris residents.


There and in other French cities a curfew applies for six weeks from the stroke of noon on Friday night. In London and other British areas, the alarm level will go ‘high’ on Saturday, which means that new rules will also apply there.

The curfew is supposed to keep about 20 million French people between 9 pm and 6 am. The rule applies in Paris and other major cities such as Lille, Lyon, Toulouse and Marseille. Many owners, therefore, close their restaurant to their displeasure. “What else can we do? Our employees have to be home before 9 pm,” a restaurant owner told AFP.

A public health emergency will go into effect across France from Saturday. This is expected to last until next summer.

The French authorities can therefore take all kinds of strict measures, such as a curfew in hard-hit areas or lockdowns in certain places. In order to stem the second wave of corona infections, there is a further restriction on the number of people who are allowed to gather in houses.

Millions of people in London and other areas in England will also be faced with stricter measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus on Saturday. In those areas, people are no longer allowed to visit other households from Saturday.

People who do not form households are also not allowed to go to cafes and restaurants together. Bar owners are fed up with the measure. “If you can’t meet your friends in the pub, what’s the point?” an owner says to the BBC.

The tightened policy has consequences for the approximately 9 million inhabitants of London and 2 million inhabitants of other English areas, including Essex, York and Chesterfield. The government raises the alert level there to “high”. Three alert levels have been created because of the corona crisis: medium, high and very high.

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