Tighter Corona Measures for Millions of English

Tighter Corona Measures for Millions of English

Much stricter measures against the coronavirus will apply in more places in England next week. This will affect a further 2.4 million people in West Yorkshire, including residents of the city of Leeds.


The government announced on Friday that the corona alert level in Calderdale, Bradford, Kirklees, Leeds and Wakefield would rise to the highest level next Monday.

In practice, this means that people inside and in gardens are no longer allowed to meet with people from other households. Pubs and cafes must be closed unless there are “substantial dishes” on the menu. Restaurants don’t have to close.

In total, some 11 million British live in areas where the highest alarm level will be in effect next week. It concerns about a fifth of the population of England.

The British authorities are trying to prevent the spread of the infectious virus with such local measures. Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government is still shrinking from a new, nationwide lockdown.

In Nottingham, the stricter rules took effect on Friday. Large groups of young people went there on Thursday evening at the last minute.

They drank alcohol on the street, sometimes dressed up and, according to British media, posed for photos near police vehicles. “This is our last chance to go to the pub and really have a pint,” a 20-year-old student told a local medium.

Not all parts of the UK take the same approach. A general lockdown has been instituted in Wales.

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