Theresa May is Armless and Legless Monty Python Knight

Theresa May is Armless and Legless Monty Python Knight

In an interview about the Brexit, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte compared his British colleague Theresa May with the knight from film classic Monty Python and the Holy Grail, who continues to fight with conviction even after he has lost all his limbs.


In an interview on Sunday with Dutch broadcaster WNL, Rutte expressed his dissatisfaction about the failed Brexit vote, but he does praise the “incredible” resilience of the British prime minister. “Look, I have all respect for Theresa May,” says the Dutchman.

“She reminds me regularly of the character from Monty Python who loses his four limbs and then says,” Let’s call it a draw. “She keeps going. I don’t blame her, but I do blame British politics. “

According to Rutte, the current chaos is a logical consequence of a country that put everything at stake and failed. “Economically, financially and politically, the UK is in a terrible position at the moment,” adds the Dutch prime minister.

In the 1975 film in question, John Cleese plays a reckless knight who refuses to surrender, even after King Arthur, played by Graham Chapman, has cut off all his limbs.

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