The US is Sending $ 100 Million Worth of Corona Aid to India

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The United States is sending goods worth $ 100 million to India to help the country fight the coronavirus, the White House said in a statement.


It concerns a thousand oxygen tanks, 15 million mouth masks and a million rapid tests.

According to the White House, the US has also diverted its own order of AstraZeneca production supplies to India so that the country can make more than 20 million doses of the corona vaccine.

“Just as India sent aid to the United States when our hospitals were under pressure at the start of the pandemic, the US is determined to help India in times of need,” the statement said.

The number of corona deaths in India passed the 200,000 marks on Wednesday, and a record number of 360,000 infections was registered within 24 hours. Up to now, the coronavirus has been diagnosed in nearly 18 million inhabitants.

The country is struggling with a shortage of hospital beds and oxygen. Hospitals regularly have to refuse patients.

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