The Universal Charger Will Not Come Before 2024

The Universal Charger Will Not Come Before 2024

The universal charger for all smartphones, tablets and cameras in the European Union will not be available until 2024. After that, manufacturers have 24 months to adapt their products, but the law must be approved first.


The European Commission has announced that companies will have 24 months to provide their devices with a USB-C port from the moment the law goes into effect.

Earlier this week, the Commission presented a bill to make universal chargers mandatory. That would be standard USB-C. However, that law has yet to be approved by the European Parliament and the EU Member States.

The main opponent of the law is the technology company Apple. The only major smartphone maker still works for its iPhones with its own charger under the name Lightning.

Some Macbooks and iPads already have a USB-C input. Apple says these regulations hold back innovation. The company also says that the two-year transition period is too short to sell existing stocks with the charging technology currently used.

Tech companies were asked a few years ago to agree on a standard voluntarily, but no compromise has been reached so far.

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