The United States Is Increasing Pressure On Venezuela

The United States Is Increasing Pressure On Venezuela

The United States is increasing Pressure on Venezuela with Sanctions. The United States has increased the pressure on the controversial regime of President Nicolás Maduro with sanctions against the Venezuelan state-owned oil company PDVSA and the central bank of Venezuela.


The US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin states that Citgo Petroleum, a Houston-based subsidiary of PDVSA,

 will be able to continue operating, but no money can go to the Maduro regime.

Instead, the proceeds will be held on blocked US accounts.

The minister added that he expects a “modest” impact on US refineries in the “short term”.

He noted that the sanctions do not affect already purchased oil that has yet to be delivered.

“We remain to expose the corruption of Maduro and his associates, and today’s action ensures that they can no longer plunder the possessions of the Venezuelan population,”

 stated US National Security Advisor John Bolton during a briefing against reporters at the White House.

According to Maduro, it is legally not allowed to do what the United States does.

“The US today decided to follow the way to steal Citgo from Venezuela,” Maduro said on a television broadcast Monday.

“PDVSA will take legal, political and commercial activities to defend Venezuela’s interests against the United States.”

The US recognises Guaidó as interim president
The newly elected President of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, appointed himself the acting president of the country on Wednesday.

The United States was the first to recognise Guaidó as the legitimate leader of Venezuela.

Maduro then stated that Guaidó attempted a coup with the help of the Americans.

He also announced that American diplomats should leave the country in the short term.

A few days later he said he would close the Venezuelan embassy and consulates in the United States.

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