The Red Cross Wants to Quell the Ebola Outbreak in Guinea

The Red Cross Wants to Quell the Ebola Outbreak in Guinea

The international aid organization Red Cross is deploying 700 aid workers to stop a new Ebola outbreak in West African Guinea immediately.


The Red Cross helps with source and contact research and ensures clean water and hygiene. The aid organization is seriously concerned after reports of at least seven Ebola cases and calls for rapid assistance.

The worst Ebola outbreak ever, which ended five years ago, killed more than 11,000 people in Guinea. “Time is running out.

This virus is coming back at the worst possible moment: now that the country is also dealing with the corona pandemic,” said Mohammed Mukhier, head of the International Red Cross in Africa. “We have cause for fear, but also cause for hope.”

Mukhier points to the lessons of previous outbreaks and recent medical breakthroughs: “The response must be faster than the virus itself. If we don’t react quickly, the consequences will be immense for millions of people.

Even though Guinea is already a country with a relatively weak health care system, where more than half of the population lives below the poverty line. “

In the southern Congo, a vaccination campaign started on Monday to combat the flare-up of Ebola. It is a region in the east where several cases, two of which were fatal, have been identified. In the large African country, Ebola re-emerged after three months of rest. In the previous outbreak, 55 people died.

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