The Philippines Hit by Typhoon, Tens of Thousands of Travellers Stranded

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On one of the islands of the Philippines, a typhoon throws a spanner in the works on Christmas Eve. Civil protection wants to evacuate thousands of people, but many families prefer not to leave their homes.


The Philippines is a Christian country, so people want to celebrate Christmas at home. Christmas also falls into the water for around 23,000 travellers. They are stuck on the affected island because boats are no longer allowed to sail.

Dozens of flights have also been cancelled. For the time being, there have been no injuries due to stormy weather.

The typhoon Phanfone went ashore this afternoon on the island group Samar. Civil protection wants to evacuate thousands of families, especially on the coast and in areas where floods or landslides can occur. The evacuation is difficult because many people want to stay home to celebrate Christmas.

“If people do not listen to our warnings, they will be forced by local officials to leave their homes,” says civil protection. Other residents are advised to stay indoors, also tomorrow. Thursday afternoon the danger of the typhoon should be gone.

More than 23,000 travellers are also detained in ports in eastern Samar. They cannot leave the island because boats and ferries are no longer allowed to sail in the storm. Dozens of flights have also been cancelled.

Three weeks ago, a typhoon hit the Philippines, killing 17 people. Due to its location, the island group has to cope with around 20 storms. Because of the damage that every storm brings, the region cannot escape a vicious circle of poverty.

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