The Netherlands Is Getting A Finger On The Tax Avoidance

The Netherlands Is Getting A Finger On The Tax Avoidance

The Netherlands Is Getting a Finger on The Tax Avoidance approach. The Netherlands is taking “positive steps” in the fight against tax avoidance, but the European Commission still sees rules that allow companies to do “dynamic tax planning”.


In particular, tax rules on dividends, interest and royalty payments do not appear in Brussels, according to a six-monthly analysis of the economic policy of EU member states on Wednesday. In this, the committee makes suggestions to keep the countries on the right track, posted by the FOX News Point.

Without naming them by name, EU Commissioner Pierre Moscovici (Financial and Economic Affairs) said at the performance of the package that seven countries in the EU facilitate tax avoidance.

In the Netherlands, the committee finds ” a large number of ” foreign investors are also in particular legal structures. Brussels fears that they do not pay taxes. The lack of rules against abuse also makes tax avoidance possible, according to Brussels.

Debts households
Criticism is again on the high debts of households. The government must take measures to reduce that debt mountain. It must also do more to develop the market for private rental housing. The Hague is advised to tax public and private investments in research and innovation.

Brussels also believes that temporary contracts and the use of freelancers should become less attractive for employers, while self-employed workers will obtain better social protection. Together with the social partners, we need to work on higher wage growth. The pension system can be more transparent, fairer for all generations and more shock resistant.

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