The Lowest Number of US Benefit Claims Since the Start of the Corona Crisis

0 27,715

The number of new claims for unemployment benefits in the United States has not been as low since the start of the corona crisis as last week.


This is evident from the weekly unemployment benefit figures of the American government. A total of 547,000 people applied for benefits, 39,000 fewer than a week earlier.

The American labour market was hit hard a year ago by the pandemic and lockdowns. Record numbers of benefit claims of over 6 million claims per week were reported in April 2020.

In the months that followed, numbers of unemployment applications were reported that had never occurred before the pandemic.

Now that society in the US is increasingly unlocked due to advances in vaccination campaigns, employers need more staff. For example, there is more work in sectors such as catering and retail that can open again.

The recovery is expected to accelerate in the coming months as the US government has set a target of inoculating 3 million people daily with a corona vaccine.

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