The EU in Talks About More Doses of Pfizer Vaccines

The EU in Talks About More Doses of Pfizer Vaccines

The European Commission is “in talks” with Pfizer-BioNTech about the possible delivery of more doses of their corona vaccine. That said a spokesman for the daily EU administration.


The committee has so far secured 300 million doses on behalf of the member states from the US-German pharmaceutical combination. Their vaccine is currently the only one approved in the European Union.

On Friday, BioNTech CEO Uğur Şahin expressed his surprise at the committee’s purchasing policy in Der Spiegel’s interview. According to him, the negotiations were not as fast and smooth as with other countries. For example, the United States already ordered 600 million doses in July.

In November, Brussels signed up for 200 million doses and an option for 100 million.

The committee rejects the criticism. She emphasizes that, with the approval of Member States, she had put together a portfolio of potentially 2 billion doses of vaccines from six different manufacturers, at a time when the vaccines were still under development, and it was unclear whether and which would prove to be safe and effective.

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