The City of New York Shortens $ 1 Billion on the Annual Police Budget

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The city of New York shortens $ 1 billion on the annual police budget. The city council of the largest city in the United States has approved a budget that includes savings.


Ever since the US police was once again discredited in late May for racism and the use of excessive force, calls have been made across the country to cut back on the police.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has said the budget of the New York City police had been cut from about $ 6 billion to about $ 5 billion.

As a result of the cutbacks, plans to hire 1160 new agents, among other things, are cancelled.

The police must also spend less money on overtime, and employees with administrative tasks are deployed differently. The New York police consists of approximately 36,000 officers.

However, some city councillors speak of an accounting trick. For example, 400 million in savings would still go to the police, but then through the education department because the costs for securing schools will be transferred to that department.

“The budget that is being voted on tonight will NOT cut $ 1 billion from the police,” city council member Brad Lancer said on Twitter on Tuesday.

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