That Is Why Shawn Mendes Tells Nothing

That Is Why Shawn Mendes Tells Nothing

That is why Shawn Mendes tells Nothing about his Love Life. The rumour that Shawn Mendes (21) and Camila Cabello (22) have a relationship has been around for a long time.


The two of them, however, have little or no say about it, even though they are often spotted together by fans and the press.

The Canadian singer now explains why he is silent about his love life.

A 21-year-old fan asked the famous singer about his love life through social media.

“You said you have never been in love.

Has that changed recently?” Shawn is frank about that.

“I’d like to tell you more about my love life, but I’m not the only one in this relationship.

I can’t say some things. I’m not the only one making choices, you know?”

For long-time fans think they are sure that Shawn Mendes is together with singer Camila Cabello.

A while ago the two twenties released another song together: the hit single SeƱorita.

Moments later, the two performed together, with the same number, at the VMAs.

Although the performance of the two looked very intimate, a kiss did not end at the end.

And so Shawn and Camila still leave the audience in the dark.

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