Thailand Welcomes Vaccinated Foreigners Without Quarantine

Thailand Welcomes Vaccinated Foreigners Without Quarantine

The Thai authorities will again allow a lot of foreigners, including many tourists, from November 1 without requiring them to go into quarantine. According to The Bangkok Post, a list of 46 countries was presented on Friday from where vaccinated travellers can fly to Thailand.


But hospitality is subject to a lot of other rules. Authorities expect tourists to fly to certain airports near popular destinations and to stay at that destination for some time and not immediately move around.

The traveller’s full vaccination must be completed two weeks prior to arrival. The traveller must also have spent at least three weeks in the country of departure before the trip to Thailand started. In addition, he must take a corona test shortly before the flight and have taken out travel insurance that covers at least 43,000 euros. A corona test will be done on arrival, and, pending the results, you will have to spend the night in a hotel selected by the authorities.

Despite the corona bureaucracy, the country hopes for the return of tourists. Before the corona measures made travel virtually impossible, nearly forty million tourists visited the Southeast Asian country in 2019. They spent an average of 1400 euros per visitor. They thus accounted for at least 12 percent of gross domestic product.

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