Tesla Gives Extra Discount in China to Boost Sales

Tesla Gives Extra Discount in China to Boost Sales

Tesla is offering more discounts to Chinese customers who buy another electric car from the American manufacturer this month. With this, Tesla is trying to boost sales in the critical Chinese market.

The extra discount is the umpteenth gesture from Tesla, which faces stiff competition from local brands in China. In addition, Tesla’s factory in Shanghai is said to be in overcapacity.

The car company of billionaire Elon Musk gives an extra discount of 6,000 yuan (822 euros) for Model 3 sedans and Model Y SUVs. As a result, those cars can be purchased for 265,900 yuan and 288,900 yuan if government subsidies are also removed from the prices.

At the end of October, Tesla had already lowered the prices of its cars. Tesla also offered insurance discounts, and the automaker set up a recommendation program. In addition, any Model 3 or Model Y ordered today in China will be delivered within a month, according to Tesla’s website. The waiting time was 22 weeks earlier this year.

Earlier this week, Tesla revealed that Tesla might cut production at its Shanghai plant this month by 20 percent every month, though the company could quickly ramp production back up if demand arises. Still, the reports fuel concerns that Tesla’s sales in the world’s largest auto market are falling short of expectations.

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