Tesla Allows Owners to Choose the Horn Sound Themselves

Tesla Allows Owners to Choose the Horn Sound Themselves

A new update to the Tesla software allows owners to adjust the sound of their horn. With an outdoor speaker, they will also be able to ‘delight’ the rest of the street with their music.


Tesla cars in the US will receive a so-called Boombox function with a new update, number 2020.48.36. This will allow them to play music outside the car, provided that the car is one of the models equipped with an outside speaker.

In principle, these are Teslas that were built after September 1, 2019.

The Boombox feature is somewhat the equivalent of turning the volume up and the windows open, but more efficiently. You will be able to play your music outside the car with it. You will not make many friends in traffic with that, and given the noise standards in many municipalities, it can also result in fines.

The function seems to be primarily designed to provide background music for a picnic, for example, and that idea is reinforced by the three video games added to the software. You can play it when the vehicle is parked.

You will also be able to adjust the car’s horn or horn after the update, a function that has the potential to make Tesla owners the most hated people on the road. You can add up to five of your own sounds via a USB.

And that can be anything from cow noises, applause or vuvuzelas to, let’s say something, clips from Herman van Veen’s ‘Opzij’. It is not yet known if and when the update will be rolled out in Belgium.

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