Terraces, Shops and Gyms Reopen in UK, Boris Will Also Have A Pint

Terraces, Shops and Gyms Reopen in UK, Boris Will Also Have A Pint

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson today announced several relaxations in the United Kingdom’s corona policy. From next week, for example, the terraces of pubs and gyms will reopen.


Boris Johnson made these statements during a press conference in his official residence. For example, from April 12, more businesses and institutions will be able to open their doors, including hairdressers, beauty salons, libraries, camping sites, gyms, the terraces of catering establishments and all shops that have been designated as non-essential.

The Prime Minister also announced a plan to start experimenting this month with sports competitions or musical performances with a certain number of spectators.

Johnson also said he was looking forward to the visit to the pub. “I will also visit a pub next week to have a pint,” said the prime minister. “I do that with all caution. We have to keep on guard against the virus, according to the situation in other countries. “

It is still early to determine whether people can go abroad during the summer vacation. Johnson emphasized at a press conference on the measures that he is hopeful that non-essential travel can resume from May 17 but said he also did not want to give false hope.

The prime minister added that he wants to prevent vacationers from bringing the coronavirus home.

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