Taylor Swift Skips ‘Spelling Is Fun’ In Song

Taylor Swift Skips ‘Spelling Is Fun’ In Song

Taylor Swift skips ‘spelling is fun’ in Song. Taylor Swift has silently tinkered with her single Me! Attentive fans discovered on Friday that on the album version the lyrics “Hey kids, spelling is fun!”, Which Taylor initially shouted in the bridge of the song, suddenly disappeared.


Why Taylor pulled the sentence out of the song is not clear. Many fans ask the same question on social media.

“Why did she do this? OMG?” and “Me! Is no longer the same without ‘spelling is fun’,” are different reactions.

When the single was released in April, some people laughed at the sentence.

The singer then defended her text during an interview with The Hit Network.

She said that the tone of the lyrics was necessary for the song because “we wanted everyone to know it wasn’t a serious love song.”

Taylor made Me! Together with Brendon Urie, the singer of Panic! At The Disco.

The number set a record in the Billboard Hot 100 when it rose from 100 to 2.

That was the most significant jump ever for a single in the American hit list.

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