Taliban Fighters at Kabul International Airport have Fired into the Air to Evict People

Taliban Fighters at Kabul International Airport have Fired into the Air to Evict People

Taliban fighters at Kabul International Airport have fired into the air to evict people from the airport complex, al-Jazeera news site reported Tuesday. Many Afghans want to enter the field in hopes of fleeing the country.


On Monday, numerous desperate Afghans managed to reach the airport and runway. They thus blocked the evacuations that several countries want to carry out via this airport.

US military personnel have restored order, and evacuations have resumed. But according to some images on the internet, Afghans are going to the airport again, albeit much less than Monday. A security official at Hamid Karzai International Airport told al-Jazeera that people are walking into the airport. He expects the airport to reopen for normal air traffic on August 21.

The Taliban present themselves in the city as liberators and moderate Islamists who want the best for everyone. Leaders are trying to get the frightened population back to the streets and back to work, including women. They have said they are waiting for the foreign troops to leave the country. They’re targeting the troops at Kabul airport. Therefore, the Taliban seem to want to keep order around the airport and would like to see the evacuations completed quickly.

Top Taliban figures have discussed the future of their country and an Islamic state in Qatar. In the years 1996 – 2001, it was a reign of terror. Taliban leaders are reported to return to Afghanistan on Tuesday, flying to Kandahar in the southeast. They would like to form a government along with other parties in the country. Russia and Turkey have welcomed these “positive signals”.

At least 12 military planes took off from the airport on Tuesday, a diplomat at the airport said. Many more aircraft for the evacuations are expected from countries including Australia, France, the Netherlands, Poland and the US. A second plane belonging to the German armed forces has also landed in Kabul. There was much commotion in German media about the first flight when it turned out that the Airbus A400M aircraft had flown away in the chaos at the airport with only seven passengers on board.

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