Taliban Claim to Bring Down Military Aircraft with Americans

Taliban Claim to Bring Down Military Aircraft with Americans

The Taliban say they have brought down a plane with American soldiers above the Afghan province of Ghazni. Afghan media reported that, according to the Taliban, all people on board, including senior CIA officers, were killed.


It is indistinct how many people were in the device.

Anonymous military officials in Washington have confirmed that a small military aircraft has crashed in Afghanistan. According to the sources, there are no indications that it was shot. There would have been fewer than ten people on board.

Based on surfaced images, it seems to be a relatively small espionage aircraft, a Bombardier E-11A.

Aviation authorities in Kabul confirmed that “an aircraft that was not a cargo aircraft and intended for military operations had taken off in Afghanistan and crashed in the east of the country controlled by the Taliban”.

According to police sources, it flew from Kandahar to Kabul.

It was announced earlier on Monday that a plane had crashed in Afghanistan, but it is unclear what kind of aircraft. A country vice-president initially claimed that a large passenger aircraft of the national airline had crashed.

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