Swedish SSAB Delivers First Fossil-Free Steel to Volvo

Swedish SSAB Delivers First Fossil-Free Steel to Volvo

Swedish steel producer SSAB has delivered the first fossil-free steel to truck builder Volvo. That is steel that has been produced without the use of fossil fuels.


SSAB makes the fossil-free steel in a pilot plant in LuleƄ, northern Sweden, that runs on hydrogen. To this end, the steel manufacturer works together with iron ore company LKAB and energy company Vattenfall. The aim is to produce fossil-free steel on a large scale by 2026.

Making steel is still a very polluting activity. The blast furnaces run on coke, a type of coal. By using hydrogen generated with clean energy as fuel, this can be done much cleaner.

SSAB showed interest in the acquisition of Tata Steel in IJmuiden last year. However, the Swedes dropped out because they ran into the high sustainability costs associated with the takeover.

Tata Steel also wants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Together with the trade union FNV, the steel group has commissioned a new study into the best way to make steel production in the Netherlands more sustainable.

The first picture is expected to be sketched in early September. The feasibility study should be completed this fall.

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